About Us

Stephen J. Kent
President & CEO

Mr. Kent formed BVK Holdings in 2005 with the equity sponsorship of
Boston Ventures.  He previously served as President and CEO of F+W
Publications, leading the company’s growth to one of the country’s
largest publishers and affinity marketers of special interest magazines,
books, book clubs and conferences.  In just under 6 years and starting
with annual revenues of approximately $65 million, F+W demonstrated
a consistent record of  organic growth and successful acquisitions,
reaching more than $250 million in revenues at the time of the
company's sale in 2005.  At the time, the company employed nearly
1,000 employees worldwide.

Mark F. Arnett
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Arnett joined BVK immediately after its founding, having previously
served as Executive Vice President and CFO of F+W Publications.  Mr.
Arnett was recruited to F+W by Mr. Kent in early 2000, and the two
executives worked closely together in building the success of that
company.  Prior to 2000, Mr. Arnett was the Chief Financial Officer for
the $1.6 billion U.S. Toy Division of Hasbro, a New York Stock Exchange
traded company.  

Boston Ventures
Equity Sponsor

Boston Ventures is one of the leading private equity firms in the United
States. Over its 22-year history, Boston Ventures has invested six
funds with a total of $2.6 billion in capital commitments. The firm’s
experience and breadth of capabilities differentiate it from other
similarly focused private equity firms.  The firm is focused on middle-
market media, information and publishing, entertainment, and
communications opportunities. Boston Ventures typically acts as the
lead investor in its investments, which include leveraged buyouts,
recapitalizations, growth equity, and industry roll-ups. Notable portfolio
companies include: Billboard Publications, Continental Cablevision,
Marshall & Swift, Motown Records, River City Broadcasting, Six Flags
Entertainment, Survey Sampling, Inc., and Vue Entertainment.