Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Company is
committed to a simple set of
straightforward values.  These include
always operating with the highest integrity,
respect for associates, fact-based
decision-making, agility in the marketplace,
and pursuing plans with a strong sense of
BVK Holdings, LLC

Formed in the fall of 2005 by Stephen J. Kent and Boston Ventures, BVK Holdings is
building a premier platform of consumer enthusiast publishing assets focusing on a
limited number of strategic clusters. The plan builds on the partners' proven and
successful backgrounds in special interest magazines, books, Web-based products
and other ancillary businesses such as conferences and shows.  

The acquisition strategy was carefully developed to concentrate on special interest
publishing businesses including magazines, books, Web offerings and other ancillary
products like conferences and shows. The principals believe these enthusiast-based
businesses offer strong long-term opportunity based on the strength and predictability
of certain vertical markets, those where publishers of authoritative content can rely on
loyal readership and a stable base of endemic advertising .

Acquisitions that “fit” the BVK model include publishing businesses with an established
history of leadership in their respective subject areas, a track record of editorial
authority, and opportunities for growth.  Growth should be achievable within core or
“legacy” product as well as through development of additional content that can be
marketed to consumers using complementary delivery platforms. Always, the mission
needs to be surrounding the consumer with useful content and related services that
strengthen enjoyment of their special interest activities.
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